Pohotovostný pátrací tím

About us - Pohotovostný pátrací tím

What do we do?
Our priority is to search for missing persons. Our aim is to bring together citizens who, free of charge, on a voluntary basis and on the basis of their own conviction, assist the state authorities, especially the members of the Police Force and the components of the Integrated Rescue System (IRS), consisting of rescue components, which, in the event of a threat to life, health, property or the environment, will ensure, in particular, rapid information, activation and effective use and coordination of the forces and resources of rescue entities in the provision of necessary assistance.

Who can ask us for help?
Whether the parent of a lost child or the child of a missing parent finds themselves in a difficult situation, it is always a situation where help is needed. First of all, we take part in search and rescue actions if we are called upon by the Police, Fire and Rescue Service, Rescue Medical Service, Civil Protection Units, as well as other organisations and citizens. You can also contact us if you have knowledge of or witness any wrongdoing, such as domestic violence, bullying, animal cruelty, etc. In such cases, we will provide advice and notify the competent authorities.

When can we start an investigation?
If you want to report a missing person, in the first instance contact the police on the known telephone number 158 or go in person to the nearest Police Department, as the search for persons is the responsibility of the police. Then contact us on +421 940 555 959. We will evaluate